How To Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

When it is time for moving in Dallas , many people consider taking on the task themselves, but there are significant reasons as to why this might not be such a good idea. First, think about the replacement cost of the item should you drop or damage it during the move. But even more critical, an injury to your back or neck can be a lifelong problem which may also require painful, expensive surgery to repair. While hiring a quality professional mover like Community Moving may seem like an unnecessary expense, injuries sustained while moving heavy objects can be much more costly and devastating. It’s always best to leave the heavy lifting to professional movers who have the proper equipment and experience it takes to do the job. If you want to save money on moving in Dallas, take lighter boxes and smaller items yourself, then hire professionals just for the big-ticket items. But, if you are dead set on moving heavy furniture by yourself, keep these essential tips in mind, for safety’s sake.

Choose the Right Equipment to Help Move Heavy Objects

You can’t cut a steak with a spoon, and you shouldn’t move a refrigerator with a furniture dolly either. Selecting the right tool for the task will make any moving day more successful. An appliance dolly is the L-Shaped two-wheel hand truck that enables the mover to tilt the appliance toward their body and then roll it. A furniture dolly, however, is a square, wheeled platform that sits low to the ground. The mover places the piece of furniture on top of it and then pushes it wherever it needs to go. Using these dollies also makes it easier to get the pieces from ground level into the truck, via a ramp secured to the back of the moving van. Even with the aid of dollies, you will most likely need extra sets of hands to get heavy pieces from Point A to Point B without any mishaps. Remember, Community Moving has the right equipment and all the extra hands you need.

When merely relocating pieces like an armoire or dresser from one room to another, handy-dandy furniture sliders are invaluable assets. Furniture sliders are smooth, hard plastic discs that fit beneath the item and eliminate friction with the flooring, enabling you to slide the furniture quickly and without damaging the floor.

Disassemble Large Items

Whenever possible, take large pieces apart and move them in smaller, lighter sections. Disassembled items will fit more easily into the moving van and are more maneuverable when being transferred from the old location to the new one. Doing something as simple as removing the legs from a table will reduce the overall weight and enable it to pass through a doorway without damaging the table itself, or the door jam.

Here are more useful hints:

  • Protect the pieces with bubble wrap, blankets or cardboard and remove any moving parts or glass whenever possible.
  • Be sure to inspect the pathway you plan to take for slippery spots, water, trip hazards and uneven doorway transitions.
  • Watch out for pets, as they have a way of getting underfoot and can cause you to trip and fall, taking the massive piece of furniture with you.
  • Never twist your body, arch your back or lift using your back instead of the strength in your legs.
  • Wear high-quality work gloves and make sure you have a secure grip before lifting.
  • Keep your shoulders square and your feet shoulder-width apart to provide a strong, stable base when carrying heavy piecesHire Community Moving, Professional Movers Near Dallas , for the Heavy Lifting.

If this article makes you think twice about moving items yourself, it’s because you should! The risk of hurting yourself, someone else, or ruining your favorite sofa is very real, and that is why you should always leave the bulky items in your move to the professionals. Community Moving are professional movers near Dallas. We have the knowledge and training to make sure all of your large pieces arrive at your new location safely.. .and in one piece.