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How to Pack Your Electronics When Moving

Moving Electronics in Dallas Texas | Community Moving

Today’s homes are full of all kinds of electronic devices that you need to properly wrap and pack when getting ready for a local move. There are computers, video game systems, stereo equipment, tablets, security cameras, home assistants, and televisions that need proper attention to ensure they are kept safe and secure during a local Dallas move or long-distance move.

Before you begin packing any of your electronics, make sure you back up any files and photos on your computer to an external drive or a cloud storage service. Backing up your computers prepares you for any possible mishaps or damages and ensures your files are safe. While you’re backing up important files, takes some photos of all the devices that you’re packing for possible insurance purposes.

Now that you’ve backed up your computers and files, here are some other tips to consider when preparing and packing your electronics:

Use the Right Packing Materials

The best packaging for your electronics is the original packaging. Most people, however, do not save the original boxes and packing materials. Without the original, you will need to find packing materials that fit. Here is a short list of packing materials to use:

  • Quality boxes that are slightly larger than the device you intend to pack
  • Strong packing tape
  • Anti-static packing materials such as bubble wrap and pouches and foam pouches and pads. This is essential as some electronics are sensitive to static electricity.
  • Packing blankets/plastic wrap to avoid scratches and damages.

Organize Cords and Remotes

To avoid the frustration of untangling cords and cables and trying to figure out which electronic device they belong to, try keeping them in the same box as the electronic device. Regardless, always wrap up your cords and label them, so you know which cord belongs to which device. Also, consider placing colored stickers on each cord and place the same color sticker where it connects to the electronic device. Power cables often look the same but can power different devices. Using stickers helps keep you organized as you reassemble your electronics.

Talk to Your Local Moving Company About Temperature

Electronics are susceptible to extreme temperatures, so you should ask your local moving company how they deal with temperatures in their moving truck. Also, if you’re packing a printer, take out the ink cartridges and pack them into a plastic bag.

Label Everything and Make Inventory Lists

Make sure you label all the packages containing your electronics as “fragile” and “this side up.” Make inventory lists of all those packages, especially those with cables, remotes, and other peripherals (such as ink cartridges). Finally, it’s a good idea to label boxes with electronics, and other fragile items, with “pack last,” letting movers know that they should pack those items last, preventing those items from ending up on the bottom of a pile of heavy boxes.

After reading these tips and you are still nervous about packing your electronics on your own, consider using packing and unpacking services offered by moving companies in Dallas such as Community Moving.