Man Choosing a Moving Company in Frisco

When Preparing to Move, Should you Choose a Local or National Moving Company?

Man Choosing a Moving Company in Frisco

Should you Choose a Local or National Moving Company?

National moving companies and local movers in Dallas are not the same. Many customers don’t consider the differences between hiring a privately-owned, local moving company and a larger, national moving company. It is essential to understand the benefits of each prior to your move.

A national moving company may be an appropriate choice for a move across the country. National moving companies typically have larger trucks, so a long distance moving company can accommodate bigger loads and handle longer moves. These companies typically offer packing and unpacking services. A national long distance moving company might have the advantage for long-haul moves.

The U.S. population is becoming more transient and moving for employment is very common, so North Texas Movers like Community Moving offer long-distance moving services. Simply put, locally based moving companies are locally owned but they still provide most of the same services as the national, long distance moving companies. They can help with packing and unpacking and are required by their state to hold insurance.


Locally-owned North Texas movers will usually charge a more competitive rate. Hiring Dallas Moving companies may be an optimum solution for you if you are too busy to handle the move yourself but cannot afford the higher priced services of a nationally-recognized chain. Small moving companies typically have lower overhead than corporate movers, as they don’t spend money on costly advertising campaigns, customer service call centers, and national headquarters.

Customer Service

If something should go wrong during your move, having the problem resolved is certainly an imperative matter. While chain movers will often have established dispute-resolution procedures, customer-service hotlines, and 24-hour call centers to handle complaints, they may be less likely to accommodate your grievances due to the high volume of business they handle. On the other hand, locally owned Dallas moving companies have a lot more to lose, and so they will appreciate your business more. Their reputation is important since they operate on a smaller scale and do not have a famous name attached to their company. This could lead to a more personalized moving experience with a company that is eager to offer resolution if there is an issue.

Community Moving primarily serves Plano, Frisco, Carrollton, The Colony, Dallas and the surrounding areas. We also are available for long-distance moves. Our company partners with the North Texas Food Bank and our mission is to help end hunger. Each move that we complete allows us to bring 3 nutritious meals to 2 needy families. Contact us today for a quote for your next move, and to help us give back to our community.