Moving Checklist Dallas

What To Put On Your ​Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist Dallas

Moving can be an intense experience, so when it’s time to relocate, having an excellent moving checklist can reduce some of the stress and help keep you organized. While no move is entirely painless, being well prepared weeks or even months in advance will make things run more smoothly. Here are some items to put on your list of things “to do” the next time you’re moving from one place to another.

  • Contact moving companies in DFW for a quote. Choosing a moving company should be done as far in advance as possible because the best Dallas movers are busy and have heavily booked schedules. The last thing you want is to be unable to find a mover that can accommodate your moving day deadlines.
  • Purchase a good zippered portfolio to keep all paperwork regarding your upcoming move in one place. Keep your DFW moving company quotes, the moving checklist, utility company information, etc. inside this portfolio so that on moving day, everything will be handy. This portfolio is something you should keep with you at all times, especially as moving day grows near.
  • Change your address with the United States Postal Service. It seems like a pretty basic step, but it is often overlooked when the moving process begins to become hectic.
  • Let your friends, work, family, and essential businesses know about your new address. Send out a mass email to your contacts and log on to company websites to edit your information. Be sure to keep a detailed list of whom you have already contacted so you won’t double your efforts; it’s easy to forget who you have or haven’t notified.
  • Transfer utilities so you won’t get double billed or end up without electricity in your new place on moving day. Be sure to include water, cable, internet, gas, phone service, etc.
  • If your child is changing schools, be sure to enroll him or her in a new school, and transfer records from the old school.
  • Take your pet to the vet for a check-up, and if you’re going to be traveling a long distance, it may be a good idea to discuss anti-anxiety medications for your furry friend. Pets get stressed during moves too!
  • Cancel regularly scheduled deliveries, subscriptions, and companies that provide lawn care, house cleaning or other services for the prior residence.
  • Minimize the size of your move by getting rid of things you don’t want. Having a moving sale is a great way to help fund your upcoming move.
  • If you are planning to self-pack or partially self-pack, start doing it well in advance. Purchase packing materials and keep them handy so that whenever you have spare time, you can put it to good use. Clearly mark all boxes and label the room where they will belong.
  • Arrange for childcare so that small children won’t be underfoot on moving day. It’s also a good idea to set a reminder to secure your pets, as pets can escape through open doors when moving crews are coming and going.

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